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SPQR_tree Class Reference

#include <rm3_SPQR_tree.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~SPQR_tree ()
 SPQR_tree (plan_undi_graph &, gdtedge=NULL_EDGE, bool simpl=false)
SPQR_node_type get_type_of_node (gdtnode v) const
skeletonget_skeleton_of_node (gdtnode v) const
bool get_simpl_node_status () const
gdtedge tree_edge_of_skeleton_edge_in_node (gdtedge e, gdtnode v) const
gdtedge skeleton_edge_of_tree_edge (gdtedge e) const
gdtnode Q_node_of_edge_with_id (int ide) const
rotation_type get_status_R_node_rotation (int i, gdtnode v) const
gdt::gdtlist< gdtedgeget_status_P_node_permutation (int i, gdtnode v) const
int number_of_nodes_type (SPQR_node_type nt) const
int max_status_of_node (gdtnode v) const
bool tree_edge_is_virtual (gdtedge te) const
void compute_pre_lower_bound_type_l (gdt::gdtnode_matrix< int > &l, algorithm_type=PLAN_ORTH_SLOW)
void compute_pre_lower_bound_type_L (gdt::gdtnode_matrix< int > &L, gdt::gdtnode_matrix< int > &l, gdt::gdtnode_matrix< path_info > &P, bool=true, algorithm_type=PLAN_ORTH_SLOW)
bool merge_undi_graph_with_skeleton_of_node (undi_graph &ug, gdtnode v, int i, gdtedge &start_edge, gdtnode &start_node, gdt::gdtedge_map< gdtedge > &tree_edge)
bool build_undi_graph_starting_from_node (undi_graph &ug, gdtnode v, gdt::gdtnode_array< int > &status_of_node, gdtedge &start_edge, gdtnode &start_node, gdt::gdtedge_map< gdtedge > &tree_edge)
void pertinent_graph_of_node (undi_graph &ug, gdtnode v)
gdt::gdtlist< intfind_shortest_path_into_pertinent_graph_of_node (gdtnode w, int id_v1, int id_v2, gdt::gdtlist< int > &edge_id_path)
gdt::gdtlist< gdtedgefind_shortest_path_into_pertinent_graph_of_node (gdtnode w, int id_v1, int id_v2)
gdt::gdtlist< gdtedgefind_minimum_switches_path_into_pertinent_graph_of_node (gdtnode w, int id_v1, int id_v2, int &switches, visit_direction_type)
int find_best_embedding_with_external_face (plan_undi_graph &pug, face &ext_face, BB_options Op=STANDARD_BB_OPTIONS, algorithm_type=PLAN_ORTH_SLOW, BB_tree_parameters *BBp=NULL)
void clear ()
void make_root (gdtnode v)
void set_simpl_node_status (bool)
void print (SPQR_node_type, std::ostream &os=std::cout)
void print_node_status (gdtnode v, std::ostream &os=std::cout)

Protected Member Functions

void compute_tree_dimensions (gdt::gdtnode_array< int > &width_of_subtree, gdt::gdtnode_array< int > &lev, gdt::gdtnode_array< int > width_of_node, bool print_Q_node)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 909 of file rm3_SPQR_tree.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SPQR_tree::~SPQR_tree (  ) 

SPQR_tree::SPQR_tree ( plan_undi_graph ,
gdtedge  = NULL_EDGE,
bool  simpl = false 

Member Function Documentation

void SPQR_tree::compute_tree_dimensions ( gdt::gdtnode_array< int > &  width_of_subtree,
gdt::gdtnode_array< int > &  lev,
gdt::gdtnode_array< int width_of_node,
bool  print_Q_node 
) [protected]

SPQR_node_type SPQR_tree::get_type_of_node ( gdtnode  v  )  const

skeleton* SPQR_tree::get_skeleton_of_node ( gdtnode  v  )  const

bool SPQR_tree::get_simpl_node_status (  )  const

gdtedge SPQR_tree::tree_edge_of_skeleton_edge_in_node ( gdtedge  e,
gdtnode  v 
) const

gdtedge SPQR_tree::skeleton_edge_of_tree_edge ( gdtedge  e  )  const

gdtnode SPQR_tree::Q_node_of_edge_with_id ( int  ide  )  const

rotation_type SPQR_tree::get_status_R_node_rotation ( int  i,
gdtnode  v 
) const

gdt::gdtlist<gdtedge> SPQR_tree::get_status_P_node_permutation ( int  i,
gdtnode  v 
) const

int SPQR_tree::number_of_nodes_type ( SPQR_node_type  nt  )  const

int SPQR_tree::max_status_of_node ( gdtnode  v  )  const

bool SPQR_tree::tree_edge_is_virtual ( gdtedge  te  )  const

void SPQR_tree::compute_pre_lower_bound_type_l ( gdt::gdtnode_matrix< int > &  l,
algorithm_type  = PLAN_ORTH_SLOW 

void SPQR_tree::compute_pre_lower_bound_type_L ( gdt::gdtnode_matrix< int > &  L,
gdt::gdtnode_matrix< int > &  l,
gdt::gdtnode_matrix< path_info > &  P,
bool  = true,
algorithm_type  = PLAN_ORTH_SLOW 

bool SPQR_tree::merge_undi_graph_with_skeleton_of_node ( undi_graph ug,
gdtnode  v,
int  i,
gdtedge start_edge,
gdtnode start_node,
gdt::gdtedge_map< gdtedge > &  tree_edge 

bool SPQR_tree::build_undi_graph_starting_from_node ( undi_graph ug,
gdtnode  v,
gdt::gdtnode_array< int > &  status_of_node,
gdtedge start_edge,
gdtnode start_node,
gdt::gdtedge_map< gdtedge > &  tree_edge 

void SPQR_tree::pertinent_graph_of_node ( undi_graph ug,
gdtnode  v 

gdt::gdtlist<int> SPQR_tree::find_shortest_path_into_pertinent_graph_of_node ( gdtnode  w,
int  id_v1,
int  id_v2,
gdt::gdtlist< int > &  edge_id_path 

gdt::gdtlist<gdtedge> SPQR_tree::find_shortest_path_into_pertinent_graph_of_node ( gdtnode  w,
int  id_v1,
int  id_v2 

gdt::gdtlist<gdtedge> SPQR_tree::find_minimum_switches_path_into_pertinent_graph_of_node ( gdtnode  w,
int  id_v1,
int  id_v2,
int switches,

int SPQR_tree::find_best_embedding_with_external_face ( plan_undi_graph pug,
face ext_face,
algorithm_type  = PLAN_ORTH_SLOW,
BB_tree_parameters BBp = NULL 

void SPQR_tree::clear (  ) 

Delete all nodes and edges.

Reimplemented from tree.

void SPQR_tree::make_root ( gdtnode  v  ) 

Evert tree, making gdtnode v as new root.

Reimplemented from tree.

void SPQR_tree::set_simpl_node_status ( bool   ) 

void SPQR_tree::print ( SPQR_node_type  ,
std::ostream &  os = std::cout 

void SPQR_tree::print_node_status ( gdtnode  v,
std::ostream &  os = std::cout 

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