Graph Drawing Toolkit

An object-oriented C++ library for handling and drawing graphs
Current Version: 4.0

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GDToolkit (also known as GDT) is a Graph Drawing Toolkit designed to efficiently manipulate several types of graph, and to automatically draw them according to many different aesthetic criteria and constraints.

GDT 4.0 is the latest version of GDToolkit and it is the first LEDA independent version of GDToolkit. Informations about the previous version of GDTookikt can be found here.

The latest release of GDT includes:

  • GAPI, the Graph Application Programming Interface
    An object oriented C++ library providing the advanced developer with a hierarchy of graph classes encapsulating as methods a wide set of graph algorithms. The object-oriented approach allows the application developer to either use the available classes or to derive specialized ones.

  • BLAG, the Batch Layout Generator
    A batch application which reads an input file describing the topology of the graph to be drawn, applies the algorithms and the constraints specified in a configuration file, and generates an output files defining a layout of the input graph (i.e. providing coordinates for its nodes and bends). BLAG is provided as a plug-and-play "server" for novice developers and for advanced developers with standard graph-drawing needs. BLAG is also the easiest way to enhance legacy applications with graph-drawing capabilities.


Last update: February 08, 2008