Conference Venue – How to Reach

The conference venue is the Faculty of Engineering of Roma Tre University which is located at Via Vito Volterra 60, I-00146 Rome.

The Venue is located in the former plant Ottica Meccanica Italiana e Rilevamenti Aerofotogrammetrici (OMI) founded in 1924 for the production of precision optical instruments for Aeronautics. During  the 2nd World war, the company assumed strategic importance, given to the predominantly military production. In December 1989 the OMI ceases to exist. After a renovation, it became part of the Faculty of Engineering of Roma Tre University.


How to reach us

View UMAP 2013 in a larger map.

Location: 41.85532, 12.46961 (or 41° 51′ 19.1514″, 12° 28′ 10.5954″)

The pedestrian gate to the Venue is Via Vito Volterra 60 (pay attention to the street Via Volterra located in a different district). The quickest and easiest way to get to the Venue is by metro. The nearest station is Stazione Basilica S. Paolo (B line or blue line). After a 10-minute walk you get to the Venue (map):

  1. Leave the station towards the Basilica di San Paolo (if you are on the right side you can spot the white bell tower of the basilica, currently under facelift)
  2. Go ahead and cross the stop light and go west to Viale Ferdinando Baldelli keeping the left lane
  3. At the cross light, just after the hospital Bambino Gesù, turn left on Via Tullio Civita Levi keeping the right lane
  4. Cross the wide Viale Guglielmo Marconi and go west one more block on Via Corrado Segrè, reaching the pedestrian gate of the Faculty (with the University pyramid shaped logo)
  5. Go down the outdoor stairs and follow the indications to the UMAP welcome area
Bus 170 connecting Stazione Termini (interchange stop between A and B metro lines) with EUR district stops at Viale Guglielmo Marconi, one block far from the Venue, on both directions southbound and northbound. Bus 23 leaves from the terminal bus stop at Largo San Leonardo Murialdo (5-min walk from the venue) and connects the venue to the Vatican city district. The Bus service suffers usual delays during heavy traffic or rush hours.
A conference shuttle will connect the Stazione Basilica S. Paolo metro stop to the venue and vice versa, at conference opening (8:00-9:00) and closing hours (18:00).

ATAC (desktop) and (mobile) websites help you to find  connections, route planning and bus waiting times. Downloadable maps of the public transportation system in the city (“Rome centro” for city centre and “Rome città” for the wider area that includes the UMAP venue) and metro railways (see “Metro e ferrovie metropolitane”) are to be found here.

A large free car parking opened till late evening is located 50mt from the Venue on Via della Vasca Navale 109. Reach the venue from there going east till the gate at Via della Vasca Navale 81 (map).

For further information about the city and the transportation (e.g. trains and flights to Rome, public transportation fares and tickets) see this page.


Further Information about the venue

  • Wi-Fi is provided in all the Campus.
  • AC Power Sockets are CEI 23-16/VII or Schuko.
  • Each conference room is equipped with screens and projectors. A limited number of electrical outlets are available in the rooms.
  • The facility is built considering the needs of users with physical disabilities. For any assistance during the visit, please contact beforehand.
  • An ATM is present inside the venue building. The nearest bank (900mt) is located at: Piazza Righi 18, 00146 Rome.
  • The nearest pharmacy (100mt) is at Largo Enea Bortolotti 1, 00146 Rome.
  • Poster and print stores are located in proximity of the Campus; the staff will give you recommendations.