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Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute University of Utah 72 S Central Campus Drive SLC, UT
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About Me
Chief Software Architect at Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute School of Computing, University of Utah.

Contract professor of 'Computer Graphics' with the School of Engineering, University of Roma Tre, in academic year 2006/2007 and 2007/2009. Senior research associate with the CAD Lab at Department of Informatica e Automazione since 2003.

Foreign Computer Scientist and Researcher with CASC (Center for Applied Scientific Computing) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 2002, 2003 and 2005.

Visiting scholar in 2001 with the Dept. of Computer Science (Prof. Bernd Hamann) of the University of California at Davis.

Research interests: Efficient Data Layouts, Streaming Techniques, Cache Oblivious Algorithms, Data Analysis and Exploration, Multi-resolution Methods, Combinatorial Topology, Geometric Compression, Computer Graphics, Computational Geometry, Geometric Programming, Solid Modeling.

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IAVS: interactive scalable analysis and visualization system, Steve Petruzza and Aniketh Venkat and Attila Gyulassy and Giorgio Scorzelli and Alessandra Angelucci and Valerio Pascucci and Peer-timo Bremer, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2017 Symposium on Visualization, ACM
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Paint and Click: Unified Interactions for Image Boundaries, B. Summa, A. A. Gooch, G. Scorzelli and V. Pascucci, Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics 2015), 34(2), pp. 385-393, 2015. [website] [Supplemental] [Tech Report]
Active Stitching:Beyond Batch Processing of Panoramas Brian Summa, Julien Tierny, Peer-Timo Bremer Member, Giorgio Scorzelli, and Valerio Pascucci [Movie]
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Book chapters
Scalable Visualization and Interactive Analysis Using Massive Data Streams. V. Pascucci, P.-T. Bremer, A. Gyulassy, G. Scorzelli, C. Christensen, B. Summa, S. Kumar. Cloud Computing and Big Data, Advances in Parallel Computing, Volume 23, C. Catlett, W. Gentzsch, L. Grandinetti, G. Joubert, J. L. Vazquez-Poletti, Eds. IOS Press, 2013, pages 212-230.
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Contour Trees and Reeb Graphs    The Contour Tree of a scalar field is the graph obtained by contracting all the connected components of the level sets of the field into points...More...
Progressive binary partitioning trees    In this project I introduce a dataflow pipeline for modeling complex geometric shapes. A pipelined dataflow was always used in graphics rendering engines; its use for modeling is very new. I use balanced BSP trees as progressive representations of shapes with multiple levels of detail....More...
Visus framework    A Research Project in Scientific Visualization centered on the development of cache oblivious approaches for the management, streaming and rendering of large surface and volume meshes. Principal Investigator: Valerio Pascucci....more
Thesis: The integration of geometric kernels in a functional language   CScheme is an application developed at "Università of Roma Tre" (Rome, Italy) for my computer science thesis. CScheme provides the integration of of two open-source software projects...More...
Programming LAnguage for Solid Modeling PLaSM, (the Programming LAnguage for Solid Modeling) is a ``design language", developed by the CAD Group at the Universities of Roma ``La Sapienza" and ``Roma Tre". Among the strong points of PLaSM: (i) the functional approach which allows to compute geometries with numbers and functions (ii) the dimension-independent implementation of geometric data structures and algorithms...more...

Software Projects
Gigapixel David
POWDER Display Wall

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