The VLDB Journal

Special Issue on

Databases and the Web

The VLDB Journal  will organize a special issue on databases and the Web to be published either as the first or the second issue of 2000.
We invite original and high quality submissions addressing all aspects of databases and the Web.
Topics that are of interest include but are not limited to:

data models for the Web warehousing of Web data
emerging standards: XML, RDF, DOM data-intensive applications on the Web
query languages and systems for Web data methodologies and tools for Web site design
semistructured data management and the Web mining, exploring and visualizing the Web
management of Web documents; transactions on the Web
finding structure in Web information security and integrity issues
data integration over the Web

Guest editors

Paper submission

Authors should email their full paper by June 15, 1999 to

All the process will be handled electronically. Papers should be in PostScript or PDF version. There is no required format or length restrictions other than what is customarily expected of a journal paper. Standard VLDB Journal instruction for authors (applicable for everything except the fact that electronic submission is required for this special issue) are available at

Important dates
June 15, 1999
 Paper submission deadline
October 1, 1999
 First notification
November 15, 1999
 Revised versions due

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