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Paolo Atzeni

e-mail: atzeni@dia.uniroma3.it
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Bio sketch

Professor at Università Roma Tre (since 1992, as a founding faculty member).

Previous positions: Professor at Università di Roma La Sapienza (1990-1992), Associate Professor at Università di Napoli (1987-1990), Researcher at IASI-CNR in Rome (1983-1987).

Research stays and visiting appointments at National University of Singapore (February 2008), Microsoft Research (January 2003), Università dell'Aquila (1986-1987), University of Toronto (1984-1985), UCLA (April-May 1981).

Dr. Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering from Università di Roma "La Sapienza" in 1980.

Research interests (past and current): schema and data translation, databases and the Web, data models, database theory, conceptual design, deductive databases, object-oriented databases.

Major appointments

Recent database seminars at Roma Tre

Pictures of my previous and current major experimental projects
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