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We will be at

Beyond-Planar Graphs: Combinatorics, Models and Algorithms;

Feb 24 - Mar 01, 2019

We will be at

13th Bertinoro Workshop on Graph Drawing

March 05-09, 2018

Best Paper Award

42nd International Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science.
Harrachov, Czech Republic
Jan 23-28, 2016

We will be at

12nd Bertinoro Workshop on Graph Drawing

March 05-10, 2017

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Maurizio Patrignani

    Full Professor

    Personal homepage
    Scopus ID: 6603114818
    Google Scholar: link
    Regular mail:
    Office DIA-225
    Dipartimento di Ingegneria
    Università Roma Tre
    Via della Vasca Navale, 79
    00146, Rome, Italy
    Phone: +39-06-57333233
    Fax: +39-06-57333612

    Bio Sketch

    my Chinese card Maurizio Patrignani received the "Laurea" degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 1996 and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the same institution in 2001. He is currently Full Professor at the Department of Engineering of the Roma Tre University.

    His current research interests include Computer Networks, Graph Drawing, Information Visualization, and Computational Geometry.

    He published 25 articles in international journals and 48 papers in peer-reviewed international conferences in the above topics. He co-edited the Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD 2008) and of the 20th International Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD 2012).

    He participated in the following projects: my English card

    • Nov 2002 - Jun 2006: MAIS (Multichannel Adaptive Information Systems) funded by MIUR-FIRB (Fondo per gli Investimenti della Ricerca di Base)
    • Dec 2002 - Nov 2004: ALINWEB (Algorithms for Internet and the Web) funded by MIUR (PRIN02).
    • Jan 2004 - Dec 2007: DELIS, (Dynamically Evolving, Large Scale Information Systems) funded by European Community (6th Framework Program, Future and Emerging Technologies, Information Society Technologies)
    • Dec 2004 - Dec 2006: ALGO-NEXT (Algorithms for the Next Generation Internet and Web: Methodologies, Design and Applications) funded by MIUR (PRIN04). In this project he coordinated the WorkPart 2 "Internet Algorithmics: Design and Experiments".
    • Feb 2007 - Feb 2009: MAINSTREAM (Algorithms for Massive Information Structures and Data Streams) funded by MIUR (PRIN06)
    • Mar 2010 - Mar 2012: AlgoDEEP (Algorithmic challenges for Data-intensivE processing on Emerging computing Platforms) funded by MIUR (PRIN08)
    • Jan 2011 - Jan 2014: GraDR (Graph Drawings and Representations) ESF EUROCORES EuroGIGA Programme
    • Nov 2012 - May 2015: LEONE (From global measurements to local management) funded by European Commission (EU FP7 STREP)
    • Mar 2014 - Mar 2017: AMANDA (Algorithmics for MAssive and Networked DAta) funded by MIUR (PRIN12)
    • Jan 2019 - Jan 2021: GeoView (Esplorazione Visuale di Dati Strutturati e Geolocalizzati) funded by Roma Tre University
    • Aug 2019 - Aug 2022: AHeAD (efficient Algorithms for HArnessing networked Data) funded by MIUR (PRIN17)

    In 2006 he was member of the Testing Committee of the Italian Authority for Information Technologies in Public Administration for the services provided in the OPA Framework Contracts and for the Qualified Exchange Network (QXN) within the multi-provider tender for the Public Connection System (SPC) of the Italian Public Administration. In 2008 he was member of the National Testing Committee of the Italian Worldwide Embassies and Consulates Computer Network (RIPA).

    He was Program Committee member of the following conferences:

    He was member of the Organizing Committee of Graph Drawing 1997, 2003, 2008 (co-chair).

    He taught many courses of Computer Science Fundamentals, Theory of Computing, Computer Networks, Algorithms and Data Structures, Information Visualization, and Information Systems at the Roma Tre University.

    Current teaching (pages in Italian):

    Past teaching

    Recent Publications

    • Mariano Scazzariello, Lorenzo Ariemma, Giuseppe Di Battista, Maurizio Patrignani. Kathará: A Container-Based Framework for Implementing Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks. In Proc. IFIP/IEEE Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2020), 2020. To appear.

    • Manuel Borrazzo, Giordano Da Lozzo, Giuseppe Di Battista and Fabrizio Frati, Maurizio Patrignani. Graph Stories in Small Area. Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications. 24(3):269-292. 2020.

    • Giordano Da Lozzo, Giuseppe Di Battista, Fabrizio Frati, Maurizio Patrignani, Vincenzo Roselli. Upward Planar Morphs. Algorithmica. 2020. Available online.

    • Tiziana Calamoneri, Valentino Di Donato, Diego Mariottini, Maurizio Patrignani. Visualizing Co-Phylogenetic Reconciliations. Theoretical Computer Science. 814:228-245. 2020.

    • Patrizio Angelini, Giordano Da Lozzo, Giuseppe Di Battista, Fabrizio Frati, Maurizio Patrignani, Ignaz Rutter. Beyond Level Planarity: Cyclic, Torus, and Simultaneous Level Planarity. Theoretical Computer Science. 804:161-170. 2019.

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