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Computer Networks Laboratory

    The Computer Networks Laboratory is devoted to the development of new methodologies and tools for Internet-centered computer networks. Currently, our efforts are mainly focused on the following subjects:

    • Interdomain routing. We are developing new algorithms and systems for the exploration and analysis of the Internet, by studying the interdomain routing policies, the commercial relationships between Internet Service Providers, and the Internet Routing Registries.
    • Network security. We study autenticated data structures for secure use of untrusted databases and security issues related with RFID use.
    • Network measurements. We aim at developing methodologies for designing tests and documenting their execution. We also study new architectures for non-intrusive measurements.

    In our laboratory we developed some of the tools that are most popular among the researchers and the operators of the field. For example, BGPlay, that is hosted by the RIPE NCC and by the Oregon Route Views Project, is probably the most used tool for the visualization of the interdomain routing evolution. Netkit, a computer networks emulator, is used for teaching purposes every year by several university courses and by hundreds of students. It is also widely adopted for fast setup of test beds of computer networks.



    The following is the list of the currently supported tools. The full list is also available.

    • Kathara
      Emulation Sytem for Traditional and SDN/P4 Networks
    • BitConeView
      Visualization of Flows in the Bitcoin Transaction Graph.
    • Radian
      A web tool that visualizes traceroute data performed in an IP network, e.g. the Internet.
    • BGPlay.js
      A pure JavaScript open-source framework that simplifies the creation of tools for the visualization of evolving data. The framework is presented with a particular instance: the evolution of BGPlay for the representation of interdomain routing data.
    • iBGPlay
      Visualization of the inter-domain routing evolution from the point of view of an Internet Service Provider.
    • BGPlay
      A service, publicly available on the web, for the visualization of inter-domain routing and its evolution.
    • Netkit
      An open source system to emulate full-fledged networks on your PC, from switching to inter-domain routing.