qiu1 means 'autumn'


qiu1 is composed of . The first component is he meaning 'grain' or 'grain stalk' and the second component is huo meaning 'fire'. Combined we have the meaning 'the time when grain stalk may catch fire'.

qiu1feng1 means 'autumn wind'.

feng1 is made by combining  where the first component is fan meaning 'altogether' and the second is chong meaning 'insects'. In ancient times it was believed that all insects were controlled by the wind.

qian1qiu1 means 'a thousand years' and literally translates as 'thousand'-'autumns' i.e. 'many ages'.

qian1 is transformed from the hieroglyph  which was the early sign of 'man' and 'one'  It has been surmised that in order to remember large numbers, horizontal marks were written on the body for every thousand count.