kun4 means 'bounded'


kun4 is very easy to decipher. The components are . A tree that is contained is deprived of space to grow freely. Other meanings of kun4 are 'surround', 'pin down', 'be hard pressed', 'be stranded' and 'tired'.

kun4ku3 means 'be in hardship' and literally translates as 'bounded'-'bitter'.

ku3 is the name of a bitter grass with components . The first component represents grass (graphically shows grass exposed above ground) and the second component gu means 'ancient' (the top cross is 'ten' and the bottom square represents 'mouth'; ten mouths mean ten generations and therefore the connotation of ancient).

kun4nan2 means 'difficult situation' and literally translates as 'bounded'-'difficult'

nan2 is made up of . The first component is a non-character that through many transformations now denotes 'sticky soil' or 'clay' and also 'difficulty'. The second component zhui means 'bird'. Together the meaning is 'a bird having difficulty in surviving'.