This modeling task concerns the construction of a Javascript (simplified) model of an historical aircraft. The choice of the aircraft to be modeled, e.g. from the The Shuttleworth Aircraft Collection, is left to the student. An image of the chosen model must be added to the project directory.

Start by looking at the whole collection, and choose an aircraft of your interest. Plan carefully how to decompose the model into pieces to be modeled independently, looking also for further documentation on the web. In case, enclose useful images and/or drawings into your project folder. A description (and nomenclature) of airplane parts can be found in Start the programming works, item by item, only after careful planning and design of the model.

The programming assignment must be produced in JavaScript language, using the Plasm.js development environment found at location, and in particular using transfinite Bezier and/or transfinite Hermite and/or transfinite NUBS splines.


Exercise 1

Produce the model of a single wing in a local coordinate system

Exercise 2

Produce the model of the fuselage (local coordinate system)

Exercise 3

Produce the model of horizontal and vertical stabilizers (local coordinate system)

Exercise 4

Assemble the various assemblies and/or subassemblies into a single model.

Exercise 5

Model a reasonably simplified airstrip, and put there your aircraft model.

Assignment delivery

For each exercise you must produce a corresponding file exercise1.js, exercise2.js, etc. Such files must be contained in a directory entitled 2012-05-04, pushed into the personal GitHub repository of the student: where xxxxxx is the student ID (matricola).

The delivery is strictly required within 24 hours from the publication of the homework.