The Barcelona Pavilion, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, was the German Pavilion for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona, Spain. This building was used for the official opening of the German section of the exhibition. It is an important building in the history of modern architecture, known for its simple form and its spectacular use of extravagant materials, such as marble, red onyx and travertine. (from wikipedia)

Several documentation materials are stored in this archive. First spend some time to fully understand the simple structure of the building, using the given drawings and photographic documentation. Only later start the modeling work, item by item.

The programming assignment must be produced in JavaScript language, using the Plasm.js development environment found at location.


Exercise 1

Reproduce, using only the POLYLINE and the STRUCT primitives, a 2D model of the floor plan of the Barcelona Pavilion. Let assume the grid of squares on the floor be 1.0 m  ×  1.0 m.

Exercise 2

Write a JavaScript 3D model of the Pavilion, using only the SIMPLEX_GRID and the STRUCT primitives. Affine transformations T, S or R are also allowed.

Exercise 3

Produce a colored version of the previous model.

Exercise 4

Model one piece of furniture, at your choice, and instance it one or more times inside the 3D model

Assignment delivery

For each exercise you must produce a corresponding file exercise1.js, exercise2.js, etc. Such files must be contained in a directory entitled 2012-04-03, pushed into the personal GitHub repository of the student: where xxxxxx is the student ID (matricola).

The delivery is strictly required within 24 hours from the publication of the homework.