Habib Mostafaei

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Habib Mostafaei is a PhD student at the Computer Networks group ofDepartement of Engineering, at Roma Tre Universityunder supervision ofProf. Di Battista. He received the Bachelor degree in 2006 and the Master degree in 2009 both in Software Engineering. Currently, his main research field is Software-Defined Networking(SDN). Prior to the PhD training at Roma Tre University, he was a lecturer at the Computer Engineering Department of Azad University (2009-2015).


Office DIA-214, Via della Vasca Navale, 79, 00146, Rome, Italy

Email: habib dot mostafaei at uniroma3 dot it or mostafae at dia dot uniroma3 dot it

Phone: +39-06-57333215, Fax: +39-06-57333612