An "undi_graph" represents any graph (not necessarily connected), with edge both directed and undirected at the same time, and with an associated 'embedding'. An embedding of the graph is a circular counterclockwise ordering of the edges around each node. In particular, each copy method in this class preserves the embedding. NOTICE: selfloops are not handled The main information stored in an undi_graph class object are: 1 - a LEDA graph object with the same topology as the current undi_graph class object. It is needed to use 'LEDA-maps' and other useful 'LEDA-data structures'; 2 - two mappings from a LEDA-node (resp. LEDA-edge) to a struct_undi_node_info (resp. struct_undi_edge_info); 3 - an ordered list of all constraints on the graph; 4 - three mappings that inform which is the node (resp. edge, resp. constraint) with a given identifier; 5 - three integer variables that contains the maximum value for a node (resp. edge, resp. constraint) identifier; (See method 'write()' for details about the file format).

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