Enumeration used in print methods. Possible values are: BY_NODES, BY_EDGES, BY_FACES, BY_PATHS, and COMPLETE. Namely, chosing BY_NODES, only the adjacent lists of the edges around nodes are printed. Choosing BY_EDGES, it is printed a list of all edges. Choosing BY_FACES a list of all faces (with all edges and nodes on the border) is printed; this choice is possible only for an object of the class "plan_undi_graph" (or inherited). The choice BY_PATHS is allowed for an object of class "dime_orth_plan_undi_graph", and it prints each edge by a path from the source extremal node to the target extremal node, through the list of bend points of the edge. Choosing COMPLETE, a printing of all possible information for the current object is provided.

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