An 'orth_plan_undi_graph' represents a plan_undi_graph with an orthogonal shape associated to each edge.
Namely each edge can have a certain number of right or/and left turns (bends), represented by the enumerate: 'bend_type' = {right, left, stright}.
Also, five different kind of angle are possible in a vertex: 0, 90, 180, 270, 360, represented by the following enumerate: 'angle_type' = {_000,_090, _180, _270, _360} (defined in rm3_global.h).

Three different kinds of 'bend_constraint' are possible for an edge:

  1. ANY = any number of bends on edge;
  2. NONE = no bends on edge;
  3. MINIMAL = a 'minimal' number of bends on edge (deafult).
Finally, an orthogonal representation can be obtained by applying one of the following algorithms:

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