Graph Drawing Toolkit

An object-oriented C++ library for handling and drawing graphs
Current Version: 4.0

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The esiest performance measurement you can check is to run the self-test that is distributed with the commercial license of GDToolkit and observe the time that it takes to run all the tests (see Products page details). Consider that the self-test explores (several times) a couple of different layout algorithms on a set of 33 graphs, so that it can require several minutes of computation time

The following are the results that we obtained on our platforms:

Hardware Operating System Compiler CPU-time in seconds
(average values)
PC Core2 Duo 3.2 Ghz
(2 GB of RAM)
Debian 64bit GNU g++ 4.1.3 28
PC Core2 Duo 1.66 Ghz
(2 GB of RAM)
Debian 64bit GNU g++ 4.1.3 55
Server 2 Xeon QuadCore x5355 2.66Ghz
(16 GB of RAM)
Gentoo 64bit GNU g++ 4.1.1 35
Server 2 Xeon 2.8Ghz
(4 GB of RAM)
Debian 32bit GNU g++ 4.0.4 85
PC Athlon XP 2400
(512 MB of RAM)
Windows XP Visual Studio .NET 2005 182

Last update: February 08, 2008