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flow_dire_graph Class Reference

#include <rm3_flow_dire_graph.h>

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Public Member Functions

 flow_dire_graph ()
 ~flow_dire_graph ()
 flow_dire_graph (const undi_graph &)
 flow_dire_graph (const dire_graph &)
 flow_dire_graph (const flow_dire_graph &)
flow_dire_graphoperator= (const undi_graph &)
flow_dire_graphoperator= (const dire_graph &)
flow_dire_graphoperator= (const flow_dire_graph &)
void local_get (gdt::gdtnode_map< struct_flow_dire_node_info > *&p1, gdt::gdtedge_map< struct_flow_dire_edge_info > *&p2)
int get_balance (gdtnode v) const
int get_upper_capacity (gdtedge e) const
int get_lower_capacity (gdtedge e) const
int get_flow (gdtedge e) const
int get_cost (gdtedge e) const
int flow_cost () const
int in_flow (gdtnode v)
int out_flow (gdtnode v)
int diff_flow (gdtnode v)
bool balance_is_consistent () const
bool flow_is_consistent (gdtedge e) const
bool flow_is_consistent (gdtnode v)
bool flow_is_consistent ()
bool is_consistent ()
void clear ()
void set_balance (gdtnode v, int b)
void set_upper_capacity (gdtedge e, int uc)
void set_lower_capacity (gdtedge e, int lc)
void set_cost (gdtedge e, int c)
void set_flow (gdtedge e, int f)
void set_edge_info (gdtedge e, int uc, int lc, int c, int f)
void steal_from (dire_graph &dg)
void mirror (flow_dire_graph &fdg)
void forget ()
bool min_cost_flow ()

Detailed Description

CLASS flow_dire_graph A flow_dire_graph F is a directed graph such that: Definition: We call "cost" of F the following: Sum_e[cost(e)*flow(e)].

NOTE: all the above mathematical functions are considered integral (that is with integer values only)

Definition at line 128 of file rm3_flow_dire_graph.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

flow_dire_graph::flow_dire_graph (  ) 

Empty constructor.

flow_dire_graph::~flow_dire_graph (  ) 


flow_dire_graph::flow_dire_graph ( const undi_graph  ) 

Constructor from the undi_graph class. PRECONDITIONS: all undi_graph-edges must be directed

flow_dire_graph::flow_dire_graph ( const dire_graph  ) 

Constructor from the dire_graph class.

flow_dire_graph::flow_dire_graph ( const flow_dire_graph  ) 

Copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

flow_dire_graph& flow_dire_graph::operator= ( const undi_graph  ) 

Equality operator from the undi_graph. PRECONDITIONS: all undi_graph-edges must be directed

Reimplemented from dire_graph.

flow_dire_graph& flow_dire_graph::operator= ( const dire_graph  ) 

Equality operator from the dire_graph.

flow_dire_graph& flow_dire_graph::operator= ( const flow_dire_graph  ) 

Copy equality operator.

void flow_dire_graph::local_get ( gdt::gdtnode_map< struct_flow_dire_node_info > *&  p1,
gdt::gdtedge_map< struct_flow_dire_edge_info > *&  p2 

Get all private variables.

int flow_dire_graph::get_balance ( gdtnode  v  )  const

Return the balance of gdtnode.

int flow_dire_graph::get_upper_capacity ( gdtedge  e  )  const

Return the upper capacity of gdtedge.

int flow_dire_graph::get_lower_capacity ( gdtedge  e  )  const

Return the lower capacity of gdtedge.

int flow_dire_graph::get_flow ( gdtedge  e  )  const

Return the flow of gdtedge.

int flow_dire_graph::get_cost ( gdtedge  e  )  const

Return the cost of gdtedge.

int flow_dire_graph::flow_cost (  )  const

Return the cost of the flow.

int flow_dire_graph::in_flow ( gdtnode  v  ) 

Return the flow entering in gdtnode.

int flow_dire_graph::out_flow ( gdtnode  v  ) 

Return the flow leaving gdtnode.

int flow_dire_graph::diff_flow ( gdtnode  v  ) 

Return the difference from out_flow and in_flow of gdtnode.

bool flow_dire_graph::balance_is_consistent (  )  const

Return false if some balance properties are violated.

bool flow_dire_graph::flow_is_consistent ( gdtedge  e  )  const

Return false if the property
lower_cap(e) <= flow(e) <= upper_cap(e)
is violated on given gdtedge.

bool flow_dire_graph::flow_is_consistent ( gdtnode  v  ) 

Return false if the property
Sum_v[flow(v,w)] - Sum_u[flow(u,v)] = balance(v)
is violated on given gdtnode.

bool flow_dire_graph::flow_is_consistent (  ) 

Return return false if either:

  1. lower_cap(e) <= flow(e) <= upper_cap(e)
  2. Sum_w[flow(v,w)] - Sum_u[flow(u,v)] = balance(v)
are violated on some edges or nodes.

bool flow_dire_graph::is_consistent (  ) 

Return false if some flow network properties are violated.

void flow_dire_graph::clear (  ) 

Delete all nodes and edges.

Reimplemented from dire_graph.

void flow_dire_graph::set_balance ( gdtnode  v,
int  b 

Set the balance of gdtnode with int.

void flow_dire_graph::set_upper_capacity ( gdtedge  e,
int  uc 

Set the upper capacity of gdtedge with int.

void flow_dire_graph::set_lower_capacity ( gdtedge  e,
int  lc 

Set the lower capacity of gdtedge with int.

void flow_dire_graph::set_cost ( gdtedge  e,
int  c 

Set the cost of the gdtedge with int.

void flow_dire_graph::set_flow ( gdtedge  e,
int  f 

Set the flow of the gdtedge with int.

void flow_dire_graph::set_edge_info ( gdtedge  e,
int  uc,
int  lc,
int  c,
int  f 

Set upper cap., lower cap., cost and flow of gdtedge with the int values specified in this order.

void flow_dire_graph::steal_from ( dire_graph dg  ) 

Make *this with the dire_graph dg internal variables and cut these variables from dg. This method is used to make a dire_graph as a flow_dire_graph, manteining the same internal variables. WARNING: dg has an empty body after this method is applied

void flow_dire_graph::mirror ( flow_dire_graph fdg  ) 

Copy all private variables of flow_dire_graph in *this.

void flow_dire_graph::forget (  ) 

Cut all private variables in *this.

Reimplemented from undi_graph.

bool flow_dire_graph::min_cost_flow (  ) 

Compute a min cost flow on the network. Return false if a fesible flow does not exist. PRECONDITIONS: current implementation only works for nonnegative costs.

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