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rel_coord_orth Member List

This is the complete list of members for rel_coord_orth, including all inherited members.

aux_id(int id) const rel_coord_orth [inline]
center(gdtnode n) const rel_coord_orth
center(int id) const rel_coord_orth
get_underlying_undi_graph() const rel_coord_orth
insert_node(gdtnode n, grid_line l1, grid_line l2)rel_coord_orth
new_edge(gdtnode n1, gdtnode n2)rel_coord_orth [inline]
new_node(grid_line l1, grid_line l2)rel_coord_orth [inline]
next_grid_line(grid_line gl, bool forward)rel_coord_orth
redistribute_coords(double gap)rel_coord_orth [inline]
redistribute_coords(int axis, double gap)rel_coord_orth
redistribute_coords_if_needed(double gap)rel_coord_orth [inline]
rel_coord_orth(undi_graph ug, algorithm_type alg=ORTH_SIMPLE_PT00)rel_coord_orth
xcoord(gdtnode n) const rel_coord_orth
xcoord(int id) const rel_coord_orth
ycoord(gdtnode n) const rel_coord_orth
ycoord(int id) const rel_coord_orth

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