Simultaneous Information Visualization

Simultaneous Information Visualization

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Simultaneous Information Visualization

    Models and algorithms to compute simultaneous drawings of graphs.

    Suppose you have several relationships involving the same conceptual entities and you want to visualize each of such relationships so that:

    • the drawing of each relation is planar with the aim of having representations as readable as possible
    • a vertex representing the same entity in different graphs is displayed at the same point in each drawing to preserve the "user mental map"

    Problems of the described kind frequently arise when dealing with the visualization of evolving networks and the visualization of huge complex graphs, as the Web's one. Consequently, Simultaneous Embedding of Graphs is attracting increasing attenction in the Graph Drawing community.

    Besides the large field of applications, some of the most attractive theoretical open problems in Graph Drawing are related to the described one. Determine the minimum size of a set of points supporting planar graphs, determine the possibility of obtaining a simultaneous embedding without mapping and a planar packing of graphs are between such open questions.