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    A service, publicly available on the web, for the visualization of inter-domain routing and its evolution.

    BGPlay is a service which displays animated graphs of the interdomain routing activity in Internet of a certain prefix within a specified time interval. BGPlay is able to visualize publicly available data. Visualization of Internet Service Providers data is supported by iBGPlay.

    The graphical nature of BGPlay makes it much easier to understand how interdomain BGP updates affect the routing of a specific prefix than by textually analyzing the updates themselves.

    Currently, an instance of BGPlay is hosted at the University of Oregon Route Views project. Roughly speaking, with this instance users can can look at a specific prefix with the point of view of a North American operator. More precisely, this instance exploits and visualizes the BGP updates collected by the route collectors of the Route Views project.

    BGPlay was also hosted for 5 years at the RIPE NCC Routing Information Service, from May 2004 to July 2009. This instance allowed users to explore interdomain routing from the point of view of an European operator, and exploited data collected by the RIS route collectors.

    BGPlay @ Oregon Route Views