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Internet Instability

    Thesis Outline

    Title Type Contact/Supervisor Status Student(s)
    Internet Instability M Giuseppe Di Battista

       B = Bachelor (3 year degree)
       M = Master (5 year degree)
       L = Lab (course assignment)

    Thesis Description

    The purpose of this work is to identify routing oscillations in the Internet.

    The thesis poses the following main challenges:

    1. Although it is well known that routing in the Internet permantly oscillates, up to now, as far as we know, nobody has been able to identify and explain the origin of single oscilations.
    2. Finding specific oscillations is a hard task. If we consider the huge amount of data that we have at disposal it is like looking for a needle in a hay-stack.
    3. It requires a skill that combines scientific interest and deep networking technical knowledge.

    If the target of the thesis will be made, the student will have the follwong benefits:

    1. Deep knowledge of the Border Gateway Protocol.
    2. Ability to develop high performance sw on high performance cutting-edge computers.
    3. Experience of router-switch configuration in state-of-the-art laboratory.