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Visualization of the Backbone of an Internet Service Provider

    Thesis Outline

    Title Type Contact/Supervisor Status Student(s)
    Visualization of the Backbone of an Internet Service Provider M Giuseppe Di Battista

       B = Bachelor (3 year degree)
       M = Master (5 year degree)
       L = Lab (course assignment)

    Thesis Description

    The purpose of this work is to develop a platform that is able to visualize the routing evolution of the backbone of an ISP.

    The thesis poses the following main challenges:

    1. It requires the usage of several integrated networking technologies. Some of them ar supposed to be already known by the student: e.g. IP, Ospf, BGP. Some other should be studied during the thesis: e.g. MPLS, LDP.
    2. It requires a skill that combines: abstraction capabilities, software implementation attitude, interest for experimental activities.

    If the target of the thesis will be made, the student will have the follwong benefits:

    1. Knowledge of the most popular (and currently universally adopted) mix of technologies that ISPs use to configure customet VPNs.
    2. Ability to develop sw in a cutting-edge scenario involving DBMSs, up-to-date sw development methodologies, visualization environments.
    3. Experience of router-switch configuration in state-of-the-art laboratory.