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Stefano Vissicchio's Publications

Interdomain Routing Stability

  1. Marco Chiesa, Luca Cittadini, Laurent Vanbever, Stefano Vissicchio, Giuseppe Di Battista. Using Routers to Build Logic Circuits: How Powerful is BGP?. In Proc. International Conference on Network Protocols (IEEE ICNP 2013), IEEE, pages 1-10, 2013. [BEST PAPER AWARD ] [ Presentation at ICNP'13 ]

  2. Luca Cittadini, Giuseppe Di Battista, Massimo Rimondini, Stefano Vissicchio. Wheel + Ring = Reel: the Impact of Route Filtering on the Stability of Policy Routing. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. 19(4):1085-1096. Aug 2011. [conference version]

  3. Luca Cittadini, Massimo Rimondini, Stefano Vissicchio, Matteo Corea, Giuseppe Di Battista. From Theory to Practice: Efficiently Checking BGP Configurations for Guaranteed Convergence. IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management. 8(4):387-400. Dec 2011.

  4. Marco Chiesa, Luca Cittadini, Giuseppe Di Battista, Stefano Vissicchio. Local Transit Policies and the Complexity of BGP Stability Testing. In 30th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM 2011), IEEE, pages 2957-2965, 2011. [ Presentation at INFOCOM'11]