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Maurizio Pizzonia

    Assistant Professor

    Personal homepage
    Regular mail:
    Office DIA-225
    Dipartimento di Ingegneria
    Università Roma Tre
    Via della Vasca Navale, 79
    00146, Rome, Italy
    Phone: +39-06-5733-3311
    Fax: +39-06-5733-3612

    Bio Sketch

    I am currently Assistant Professor at Roma Tre University. I received the the Master's degree ("Laurea") in Software Engineering at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 1997 and the Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at the same institution in 2001. My research interests are about algorithms and software systems for data security, Internet analysis, and information visualization. I published more than 50 scientific papers in international conferences and journals. I had a management role in two international research projects: (i) "LEONE: from global measurement to local management", (2012-2015), an FP7 project about monitoring, optimization, and visualization of the Internet on the basis of data coming from large network of probing devices, and (ii) "PREEMPTIVE: Preventive Methodology and Tools to Protect Utilities" (2014-2017), an FP7 project about security of industrial control systems and critical infrastructures.

    I am very much oriented in solving real problems and in devising innovative solutions that can lead to applications. Within the Preemtptive project I contributed to the design and realisation of USBCheckIn, a hardware that protects computers or embedded devices from BadUSB attacks. In 2011 I founded a company (with the commercial name "FileRock") whose aim was to provide cloud services that do not impose to the user to delegate security to the cloud provider, which then led to a commercial product. From 2009 to 2011 I was scientific coordinator of the Microsoft Innovation Center at Roma Tre University. In 2004, was one of the initiators of the BGPlay project, which still is the most commonly used tool by Internet Service Providers for visually exploring open inter-domain routing data in the Internet. I was also the initiator of the Netkit project for realistic emulation of computer networks for teaching purposes. A detailed curriculum vitae can be found here. Curriculum Scientifico (in Italian)

    Student projects and thesis (tesi e tirocini disponibili)

    Gli argomenti di tesi sono collegati al mio lavoro di ricerca. Una lista parziale, e probabilmente non aggiornata, è la seguente.
    • Sicurezza in ambito Software Defined Networks
    • Analisi della Blockchain di BitCoin con metodi statistici e algoritmici
    • Tecniche di analisi di dati di monitoring di Internet ( provenienti ad esempio da RIPE Atlas) per mezzo di metodi di "big data" processing
    • Sicurezza in ambito Internet of Things
    Chi è interessato può contattarmi direttamente via email.

    Teaching (Didattica)

    Orario di ricevimento studenti: vedi la pagina del collegio didattico di Ingegneria Informatica

    Coursi attualmente insegnati

    Corsi passati

    Recent Publications

    • Giuseppe Di Battista, Valentino Di Donato, Maurizio Pizzonia. Long Transaction Chains and the Bitcoin Heartbeat. In Euro-Par 2017: Parallel Processing Workshops. Euro-Par 2017, Springer-Verlag, volume 10659 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2018.

    • E. Etchevès Miciolino, D. Di Noto, F. Griscioli, M. Pizzonia, J. Kippe, X. Clotet, G. Leòn, F.B. Kassim, D. Lund, E. Costante. PREEMPTIVE: an Integrated Approach to Intrusion Detection and Prevention in Industrial Control Systems. International Journal of Critical Infrastructures (IJCIS). 13(2/3):206-236. 2017. [ Accpeted version]

    • Federico Griscioli, Maurizio Pizzonia. Securing promiscuous use of untrusted usb thumb drives in industrial control systems. In Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference on Privacy Security and Trust (PST 2016), IEEE, pages 477-484, 2016. [ Authors Version]

    • Federico Griscioli, Maurizio Pizzonia, Marco Sacchetti. UsbCheckIn: Preventing BadUSB attacks by forcing human-device interaction. In Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference on Privacy Security and Trust (PST 2016), IEEE, pages 493-496, 2016. [ Authors Version]

    • Federico Griscioli, Maurizio Pizzonia, Marco Sacchetti. Metodo e apparato per la protezione di apparecchiature elettroniche con interfaccia USB da attacchi che emulano un human interface device (Method and device for the protection of electronic devices with USB interface from attacks that emulates a human interface device). IT patent pending. 2016.

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