Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has been the future of network architectures for a few years, promising unmatched infrastructure scalability, supporting improved flexibility of management, ensuring vendor independence, and boosting the design of novel network services. Now that it is the present, it continuously feeds multiple research areas with unprecedented challenges and it is adopted by almost all device vendors. Despite the fervent activity in the scientific community on devising novel network architectures and services that take advantage of SDN, most papers validate their proposals on ad-hoc testbeds, and little attention has been devoted to determining the practical applicability of these approaches using currently available devices. On the other hand, even if OpenFlow is now somewhat mature, vendors seem to lag behind in terms of functionalities supported on their devices. In this project we want to define a methodology for testing the readiness of a device to operate in an SDN-based infrastructure, combining existing OpenFlow conformance test tools with other custom tests. Moreover, we want to draw a picture of the current status of OpenFlow implementations by applying our methodology to commercially available devices.