How many ways are there to describe a computer network? Maybe one...

Disambiguation: NetML is also the name of a network design system developed by prof. Ronald G. Addie et al. If that is the system you are looking for, you may want to consider having a look at the pertaining Google Code page and at a reference paper.
Otherwise, enjoy your stay on this web site.

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Configuration Examples

The table below contains several resources that can be used as samples of NetML usage. Resources include NetML description files and their documentation, as well as the configuration files that result from using the NetML tools on NetML files.

Resources are classified according to the device type:

Documentation Brief Description NetML Description Configuration Files
Netkit Router Firewall

Router Configurations

Basic topics Using NetML to describe a single machine having a single network interface connected to a hub. NetML Script Router N/A
Two machines each having one interface connected to a single hub. NetML Script Router N/A
Configuration of static routes in a simple network with two routers. NetML Script Router N/A
RIP A basic description of a network running RIP. NetML Script Router N/A
A more complex example highlighting the RIP algorithm. NetML Script Router N/A
BGP A simple BGP peering. NetML Script Router N/A
Example of a multi-homed BGP configuration. NetML Script Router N/A
BGP + RIP A network with both border (BGP+RIP) and internal (RIP) routers. NetML Script Router N/A

Firewall Configurations

Single firewall A single machine behind a firewall with a sample set of filtering rules. NetML Script Router Firewall
Static firewall A small network with two routers using static routing; one of the routers is behind a firewall. Features Nat functions and access experiments. NetML Script Router Firewall