AMANDA - Algorithmics for MAssive and Networked DAta

Workshop - Sept. 15th and 16th 2016

Università Roma Tre - Dipartimento di Ingegneria - Via Vasca Navale 79 - Sala riunioni - Primo Piano

September 15th, 2016



Pino Di Battista, Roma Tre - Welcome and State of the Art Report



Keynote speech - Danupon Nanongkai, KTH Stockholm - Maintaining Single Source Shortest Paths Under Edge Deletions



Lunch at the Don Carlos Canteen, Via Vito Volterra, 41, 00146 Roma



Task 2.1. Algorithms for Computing Network Structural Properties - Chaired by Perugia
Fabrizio Montecchiani, Perugia - On Visibility Representations of Non-planar Graphs
Pino Italiano, Tor Vergata - 2-Connectivity in Directed Graphs
Fabrizio Frati, Roma Tre - Stack and Queue Layouts via Layered Separators



Coffee Break



Task 2.2. Algorithms and Visual Interfaces for Network Mining - Chaired by Roma Tor Vergata
Alessio Arleo, Perugia - A Distributed Multilevel Force-directed Algorithm
Maurizio Patrignani, Roma Tre - Computing NodeTrix Representations of Clustered Graphs
Valentino Di Donato, Roma Tre - BitConeView: Visualization of Flows in the Bitcoin Transaction Graph



Dinner at: Al Biondo Tevere - Via Ostiense, 178, 00154 Roma

September 16th, 2016



Task 1.1 Algorithms for Emerging Computational Models - Chaired by Padova
Geppino Pucci, Padova - MapReduce and Streaming Algorithms for Diversity Maximization in Metric Spaces of Bounded Doubling Dimension
Emilio Coppa, La Sapienza - On data skewness, stragglers, and MapReduce progress indicators
Andrea Pietracaprina, Padova - A Practical Parallel Algorithm for Diameter Approximation of Massive Weighted Graphs






Task 1.2. Algorithms for Data-Intensive Computing - Chaired by Pisa
Fabio Vandin, Padova - Algorithms for Finding Subgraphs Associated with Clinical Parameters in Cancer
Tiziana Calamoneri, La Sapienza - Cophylogeny and reconciliations
Andrea Marino, Pisa - Enumeration Algorithms: techniques and open questions
Alessio Conte, Pisa - Sublinear-Space Bounded-Delay Enumeration for Massive Network Analytics: Maximal Cliques



Business Meeting



End of the meeting

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