SAM-based Cognitive User modeling

Personalization is the ability to retrieve information content related to user profiles and facilitate their information-seeking activities. Several environments, such as the Web, take advantage of personalization techniques because of the large amount of available information. For this reason, there is a growing interest in providing automated personalization processes during the human-computer interaction.

We introduce a new approach for user modeling, which grounds in the Search of Associative Memory (SAM) theory. By means of implicit feedback techniques, the approach is able to unobtrusively recognize user needs and monitor the user working context in order to provide important information useful to personalize traditional search tools and implement recommender systems.

The profile can be employed in search engines, to directly provide personalized results or in distinct re-ranking activities. Contextual advertisements and JITIR are other tasks where user profiles can enhance the result precision. Monitoring the user working contexts allows to provide more updated recommendations related to the current activities of the user.

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