Hypercase – Adaptive Hypermedia Navigation system

In structured domains such as Web-based Educational Systems, the complexity of the learning domain often requires a large set of learning nodes and conceptual interrelationships that can cause several issues, e.g.: lack of comprehension, disorientation and inefficacious learning strategies. We propose a new approach to guided navigation in hypermedia-based domains, suitable for helping users in structured and complex learning environments such as cultural heritage domains. Our proposal draws inspiration from the Case-Based Reasoning paradigm associated with a hypermedia structural analysis. In particular, our presentation highlights the use of a hybrid architecture for Adaptive Navigation Support, where the indexing problem of the case-based reasoner is solved by way of a sub-symbolic approach. A case study in the Neo-Realist Italian Cinema domain has been widely evaluated a real scenario.


Selected Publications

  • MICARELLI A., SCIARRONE F., GASPARETTI F.. A Case-Based Approach to Adaptive Hypermedia Navigation. International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies (IJWLTT), 4(1):35-53, IGI Global, ISSN: 1548-1093, 2009.Bibtex