We wish to thank all organizations and persons who have been helping us to prepare this event. Without such collective effort it would have been very difficult. In the following the contributions are listed in alphabetic order.

CASPUR: coffee breaks
Andrei Maslennikov, Federico Gorelli
DIA: central organization, coffee break contribution, visit San Paolo
Wolfgang Gehrke, Franco Milicchio
ENEA: video streaming
Giovanni Bracco, Francesco Beone
E4 company: coffee break contribution
Matteo Spatola, Ludovica Delpiano
INFN: conference material, funding of guests, organization support
Sandro Angius, Claudio Bisegni
SUN Microsystems: bus tour
Walter Moriconi
University Roma Tre: locality and network
Paolo Cursi, Paolo Capozucca
Zeropiu: conference announcements
Fabrizio Manfredi