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  This is the XML Version of a portion of the ACM SIGMOD On-Line Web Site, containing on-line issues of SIGMOD Record. Since the original site was developed in HTML, to re-develop it in XML, the data have been extracted and then re-organized into a collection of XML documents with XLinks and XSL stylesheets. Data extraction was performed by wrapping the SIGMOD Record section of the DBLP site at Trier (we decided to take the data from the DBLP site rather than from SIGMOD On-Line since DBLP contains data about a larger number of SIGMOD Record issues). As such, the site contains about 1,000 XML documents, and the back-end database about 10,000 tuples. The XML site design and its graphical layout were inspired on the ones of the corresponding portions of the ACM SIGMOD On-Line site.

  An XML/XSL capable browser is needed to browse the site. (The one we have used during the development phase is Microsoft Internet Explorer v. 5.0).
To access the XML files from a non-XML capable browser, follow the link to the source files.

  • Entry page to the SIGMOD RECORD XML Version
  • XSL style sheets directory
  • DTDs directory
  • non-XML capable access to XML, DTD, XSL files
  • Sigmod Record Articles XML Database (0.5 Mb)
  • DBLP Site Minerva Wrappers (please, contact Paolo Merialdo)
  • Ulixes Queries (please, contact Paolo Merialdo)


    This site has been created following the Araneus approach to Web data management. In short:

  • Once the source data had been identified, we first derived a database abstraction (a sort of schema) of the source site (the DBLP site, in this case) by means of the primitives of the Araneus Data Model (ADM).
  • Then, we created suitable "wrappers" to map physical data into types of the ADM schema; this has been done using the ARANEUS WRAPPER TOOLKIT, a collection of tools (Minerva+Editor) for writing wrappers around Web data sources.
  • Based on the ADM schema and on the wrappers, data were extracted from the original HTML site using our query system ULIXES, which allows to query Web sites based on OQL-like path-expressions, and store query results in a local database.
  • Finally, the XML site has been generated using the ARANEUS WEB-SITE DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM, a collection of tools to design and develop Web sites (both in HTML and XML) from a database.
  • Further details about the ARANEUS approach to wrapping, querying and developing Web sites can be found on the ARANEUS Project Web site.

      The project has been coordinated by Paolo Merialdo.
    Valter Crescenzi, Gianluca Di Tomassi, Gianni Mecca and Giancarlo Refrigeri contributed to the implementation task.

      The idea of developing an XML repository collecting the Sigmod Record Issues arose out of discussions with Alberto Mendelzon.

    This page is maintained by Paolo Merialdo
    Last update: Dec 7, 1999